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The BLS Healthcare Providers Course is intended for providers such as Physicians, Nurses, Paramedics, EMT”s, Police officers, and other allied health personnel.  After completing this course, participants  will learn to identify life-threatening emergencies and immediately determine the correct course of action. Participants will also master proper CPR techniques and efficient use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).  The CPR Certification received upon successful completion is valid for a period of two years. 


The Heartsaver First Aid CPR course is designed for individuals with little to no medical training. This course will prepare participants to respond to rapidly and effectively in events of medical emergencies and to stabilize the affected individuals until advanced medical help arrives. The Heartsaver First Aid CPR course can also be combined with AED and First Aid Training. The certification received upon successful completion is valid for a period of two years. 


Our team of healthcare industry veteran instructors has taught medical students, healthcare providers and other non-healthcare providers, so rest assure you will have access to the best possible education. We will prepare you with a variety of scenarios and situations you may encounter and equip you with the steps necessary to assist! EPIC AHA CPR/AED class is intended for individuals with and without medical training.

Epic Medical Training courses are designed to help its participants upskill and gain new knowledge to advance a career in allied healthcare. In our effort to promote certification candidates’ success in EKG technician education, we strive to

  • Amplify certification candidates’ confidence by facilitating content mastery

  • Supports candidates’ understanding and review of competencies

  • Promote critical thinking and application of knowledge through case studies

  • Review essential EKG technician practice skills

  • Advocate certification candidate self-learning

Our time- and industry-tested retention/recall techniques have consistently proven to be most efficient in the dynamic environment of a certification exam and at point of care testing to accurately achieve real-time, lab-quality diagnostic results within minutes. By emphasizing skill maintenance and flexibility,

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