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EPIC NOTES are meant to help you focus on the most important key points to a specific topic. These notes are in no way a substitution for a book or other topic specific material. They're meant to enhance your knowledge and to point out key points and topics that would be found on national exams. These notes were developed by a group of Medical Professionals with many years of teaching experience. Many of whom have actually written testing material for several National Certifying accrediting agencies.

Epic notes are straight to the point and help you eliminate several hours of trying to determine what is important and what is not. Our instructors have collaborated together and have determine the most valuable information found in various books. With our notes you will be able to study the most important points and eliminate wasted time.


NOTE: Epic Notes do not replace a full course and should be used as a supplement to a completed course or in conjunction to a current course.



EPIC EXAMS is a carefully curated collection of exams and specific exam topics, through which our students gain the confidence necessary to ace their national certifications. Our exams cover all important topics and help you understand the areas in which you should focus your studying. Through our platform students can take these practice exams on their laptops, tablets, phones or desktops. These exams questions are extremely similar to those you would find on national certification exams.


We offer multiply topic specific practice exams as well as several final exams which cover all topics specific to either, Phlebotomy, EKG or Medical Assisting. Our exams are intended to encourage learning and help reduce the anxiety and fear of testing. Preparation and practice is the key to passing and mastering the national exams. Since our exams are written by instructors that have actually written content for several national accreditors. They are extremely similar to the real one, therefore improving your odds of passing your nationals immensely. 

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