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The Medical Training EKG Tech course utilizes premier high-yield content recall systems that prepare allied health professionals and novices alike to become certified in Electrocardiography. This certification-driven covers a wide range of topics from recognizing normal EKG value ranges to reportable abnormalities. We provide focused preparation for EKG certification exams and review all theoretical and practical standards required for success and life-long proficiency in EKG Technician practice.


Our training content is formulated to prevent plateauing in narrow comfort areas while promoting diverse sustainable techniques of information recall. You’ll refine the skills and knowledge required to operate an EKG machine, record the cardiac cycle and perform a 12-Lead electrocardiogram. We’ve also included a detailed overview of EKG-related procedures like ultrasound cardiography as well as Holter monitoring and stress tests.

The Phlebotomy & EKG Course: This is a three-day course recommended for Medical Assistants who would like to gain in-depth knowledge and learn advanced acquisition techniques in Phlebotomy and EKG.  This course is also suitable for those who've participated in phlebotomy and/or EKG courses, but are still uncomfortable with the material.

EPIC Medical Training course content is designed to help its participants upskill and gain new knowledge to advance a career in allied healthcare. In our effort to promote certification candidates’ success in EKG technician education, we strive to

  • Amplify certification candidates’ confidence by facilitating content mastery

  • Supports candidates’ understanding and review of competencies

  • Promote critical thinking and application of knowledge through case studies

  • Review essential EKG technician practice skills

  • Advocate certification candidate self-learning

Our time- and industry-tested retention/recall techniques have consistently proven to be most efficient in the dynamic environment of a certification exam and at point of care testing to accurately achieve real-time, lab-quality diagnostic results within minutes. By emphasizing skill maintenance and flexibility,

Phlebotomy & EKG COURSE

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